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Description of Work:


Radiant Floor Heating: Morgan went through both of our water heater setups, consolidating and fixing original installation errors and problems. He corrected the plumbing in our utility room, and repaired and improved the venting. He safety- and future-proofed our install with the correct gauges, valves, and shut-offs.


Member Comments:




Morgan was able to diagnose and repair everything our inspector did (and didn't) find, as well as, what we were told by a 'bigger' company was OK and/or would require us to purchase much more than we needed. As a matter of fact, Morgan fixed a major issue with our system while drawing up his estimate, something we were told (from the other guys) was ruined!


He also spent a considerable amount of time explaining how our water/heating systems worked, how they were manufactured, possible problems with different types of systems, and how to check and maintain our system.


He also inspected our water softening and filtration systems. He also added about 8 square feet of open floor in our utility room, and as an added bonus, cleaned up all the plumbing to make the repair/removal of a water heater easier in the future. And if all that wasn't enough, he was also able to locate a toilet tank top for a mismatch that we had resigned ourselves to live with!


There are too many references to list here, but you get the idea.